Bathroom Remodeling

Bathroom remodeling is one of those home remodeling projects that looks simple enough on the surface.  This is certainly true if you are only looking to hang a mirror, replace a few towel racks, or do some touch-up work.  However, home bathroom remodeling, whether remodeling a small bathroom or remodeling a bathroom the size of a small room, presents a myriad of challenges, some of which are not readily apparent until you start.

Home bathroom remodeling challenges

For starters, having a complete design for remodeling a small bathroom is important due to the multi-functionality of the room.  For example, the placement of certain fixtures is going to depend on the members of your household, especially if you have small children.  A bathroom remodeling plan will contain sketches, exact measurements, and take into account door and window placements.

If you are considering replacing or installing bathroom tile, changing the size of the vanity, or installing a new bathtub or shower, complications can arise, producing headaches.  For example, you might discover that you need to make electrical or plumbing modifications, which require extensive expertise to avoid additional damage to your home.  Another common problem is the discovery of old pipes which require replacing.  This is often not discovered until the project in underway.

When replacing sinks and vanities, corroded fittings may present unique problems to the do-it-yourselfer.  Subsurface water damage is often revealed when an old shower or tub is pulled out, requiring extensive drywall repair work.  Handling these problems while in the middle of a project, without the required experience, can be risky to your home and to your safety.

If you have found yourself in the middle of a bathroom remodeling project and are not sure how to proceed, or if you are hesitant about these and other potential problems, give House Calls Maintenance a call.  We can handle the more difficult parts for you, allowing you to work on the aspects you want to work on and making your bathroom remodeling project a success.