Plumbing Repair

The signs are always the same.  A slow drain that resists chemical cleaning products.  A backup that appears in the bathroom sink when you flush the toilet.  Slippery floors around the toilet.  Strange odors.  Water welling up in the yard.  Yup, time to call a plumber.

House Calls Maintenance handles many plumbing repairs, including repairing leaks, clearing clogged drains, clearing leaky traps, and replacing faucets and broken fittings.  Our contractors provide free estimates and carefully explain the problems you are facing, eliminating fears and providing you with peace of mind.  Although we do not handle some of the major jobs (such as septic tanks involving backhoes), we can accurately diagnose the problem and provide a referral for you, should the need arise.

Water damage emergency service

Not all water damage is a result of the plumbing.

Living in Florida means that you will occasionally have to deal with water damage, either from floods, poor drainage or from that old busted pipe.  Regardless of the source, House Calls Maintenance is skilled at handling all areas of water damage, including ceiling repair from water damage and emergency water damage restoration.  As a complete one-stop service for many facets of home remodeling and repair, we can eliminate the source of the water damage, repair drywall, and provide mold cleanup and remediation.

If you are faced with an emergency water damage situation, give us a call right away.  We’re the only call you’ll ever need to get the job done right.