Conklin – The Preferred Solution

Do energy costs leave you “heated”? Are leaky roofs causing your investment to slowly drip away? Do you need an affordable solution? Relax; you just found one.

Presenting Conklin Building Products, the proven and affordable industry leader for all of your commercial roofing problems. Whether you have a flat, low-slope, metal, multi-layered roof, or aging roof, Conklin Building Products offer a tested and trusted system for safeguarding your investment.

As the first manufacturer of acrylic roof coatings, Conklin saves you money over other total roof replacement options. Conklin’s quality product offerings meet or exceed the most rigid fire and building codes. With proven reliability and durability through extensive lab-testing and customer-rated satisfaction, Conklin roofing systems and interior paints are a validated option for protection from weather, while saving you money through better energy efficiency.

Conklin Roofing Systems have been used on over 2 billion sq. ft. of roofing in the United States alone, with a claims rate less than 0.5 percent.

Conklin Roofing Systems – Benefits

Conklin Product Line

Offering a diverse range of products for almost any commercial roof, Conklin has the product that fits within your budget.


Conklin’s superior roofing system for metal roofs, Benchmark provides the strongest protection against the elements. Benchmark consists of 100 percent acrylic acrythane coating, offering premium extension and malleable strength, while reflecting 85% of solar radiation for superior energy efficiency. Recognized by the International Conference of Building Officials, Benchmark meets the requirements of the Uniform Building Code.

Rapid Roof III

So named for the third generation of Conklin’s original roof coating system, Rapid Roof III is weatherproof, weightless, extensible, and seamless. Rapid Roof III consists of a fire-classified light-tan base coat, a supremely reflective white top coat, and settles into a tack-free, smudge-resistant finish. While granting a solar reflection of 84%., Rapid Roof III also comes in various top-coat color options, including light blue, light tan, and light gray.


Conklin Metal Roofing System

Engineered to stop leaks where they occur the most: at the seams. Conklin Metal Roofing System offers superior protection against water penetration, extends the durability of your roof by resisting the elements, and reduces air conditioning costs through remarkable solar reflection. For budget savvy consumers, Conklin offers three different product grades to meet your budget.

EPDM Roofing

Conklin’s revolutionary roof recoating system allows you to prolongate the durability of your current EPDM or Modified Bitumen roofing system, all the while saving on energy costs. Conklin’s recoating systems are a proven and cost-saving option versus a complete re-roofing project.

The EPDM/Modified Bitumen solution consists of three easy steps. When used together, leaks in your existing EPDM and/or Modified Bitumen roof are easily repaired, with maintenance being as easy as a routine recoating.

These three steps are:

With the same reflective benefits found in Rapid Roof III (84 percent solar reflectivity versus 5-7 percent with standard dark-colored roofs), the temperature on your roof will decrease by as much as 30-50 degrees! The Conklin EPDM and Modified Bitumen Recoating System results in less shrinking, decreased solar degradation, fewer leaks, and superior savings derived from lower cooling costs.

For more information on Conklin’s revolutionary line of products and how you can save money, contact House Calls Maintenance for a free inspection today.