Professional Painting

Do you need professional painting, or should you do it yourself?

We’ve all seen the commercials from the big box stores.  A smiling, friendly “painting consultant” presents painting ideas to the customer, including how to select the paint, apply the paint, and so on.  The next scene shows the homeowner applying the paint, quickly cutting to the homeowner looking proudly at a finished professional paint job.  It all looks so easy!

The reality is far from easy.  Teenage clerks replace painting consultants, often knowing less than you do.  Choices are confusing.  And then there is the amazing complexity of applying paint without making errors.  After many frustrating visits to the store and countless hours wasted making beginner mistakes, you wonder why you even started in the first place.

The expertise of a painting consultant

A professional painting consultant does more than present you with painting ideas, quality product selection, and proven technique.  Professional painting consultants also provide you with knowledge, expertise, and experience in knowing the health risks (such as those concerned with removing lead-based paint), safety concerns (including the proper disposal of hazardous paint supplies), pre-painting preparation, and proper techniques (such as avoiding chalking and proper temperatures for applying paint).

Professional painting done right

Before you commit to doing it yourself, give House Calls Maintenance a call.  Our professional painting contractors provide the knowledge and ability to handle complete paint jobs, interior and exterior touch-ups, and even stucco re-texturing.  Our process includes a free consultation and inspection prior to commencement of work.  Our work includes full protection of your home, professionalism while we work, and a complete guarantee on all of our work.  We aren’t finished until you say so.

Contact House Calls Maintenance and find out what a quality paint job should look like.