Kitchen remodeling

Of all the home remodeling projects to chose from, none are more complex, or more rewarding, than a kitchen remodeling project.  Your kitchen is a sacred area of your home: a place of warmth, memories, and nurturing.  Thus it’s important, when hiring a contractor, to find a remodeling contractor that understands and respects the sanctity of your kitchen.

Unlike other areas of your home, your contractor needs to understand your house rules, work with you regarding kitchen use times and schedules, and plan your remodel according to your tastes.  Communication is important in every home remodeling project; however, for kitchen remodeling, it is vital.

Kitchen remodeling considerations

Whether you are planning on a full remodel,  incorporating some new appliances, or just looking to enhance the room for friends and family, there are many considerations that must be taken into account. (bulleted)Renovation areas – this includes identifying the targeted areas for remodeling, such as cabinets and drawers, countertop selection, ceramic tile, sink selection, appliances, windows, lighting and flooring.

Expansion – some homeowners consider a remodeling project to expand the kitchen space currently available.  Questions such as where the additional space will come from, how to maximize the existing space, and whether or not to knock out a wall, are all questions that need to be answered.

Appliance planning – since appliances come in many shapes and sizes, knowing what your appliance needs will be, and the sizes of those appliances, is crucial in planning a kitchen remodel.

Resource planning – resources refers to the various utensils, cooking ware, dishware and food stock meant to be stored in your kitchen.  Storage space, pantry location, hanging racks and the number of available drawers are all considerations when planning for a remodel.

Utilization – for some people, a kitchen is a place to socialize with friends and family.  For others, a kitchen is strictly for cooking and food preparation.  Envisioning how your kitchen will be utilized will go a long way towards understanding your remodeling needs.

Regardless of how carefully you plan, kitchen remodels almost always take longer than expected and cost more than initially thought.  New ideas surface during the project that require new investments.  Since a kitchen is a dynamic area that cannot remain unused for an extended period of time, delays will naturally occur.  Although this is to be expected, we help you to anticipate and plan for these changes, while working with you to limit the cost impact.

Small kitchen remodeling

Small kitchen remodeling is an increasingly popular area of interest with home and condo owners.  As a result, House Calls Maintenance works hard at specializing in the unique needs presented by a small kitchen remodel.

Small kitchen remodels may not be as glamorous as some larger kitchen remodels.  Yet, there are numerous advantages that the small kitchen owner has over a larger kitchen, including less space (read: lower cost), simpler choices, and less expensive options.

Some of the major considerations listed above, such as renovation areas, appliance planning, and resource planning, apply to small kitchen remodeling as well.  However, other considerations, such as expansion or utilization, simply do not apply, as these considerations are not practical for any small kitchen.

Luckily, there are many resources for small kitchen remodeling ideas on the web and in your local bookstore.  Regardless of what you decide, call House Calls for a free consultation, additional advice, and useful tips in deciding the right course of action for you.