Pressure Washing

Pressure washing is a hot topic of interest among home and condo owners.  It’s also a hot business idea for entrepreneurs.  After all, just buy a pressure washer, hang a sign, and get to work!

What many would-be pressure washer owners don’t realize is that there are many inherent dangers with pressure washers, both in terms of personal safety and in potential damage to the surface being cleaned.  Did you know that a gas powered pressure washer has over twenty times more pressure than a garden hose?  This kind of power can easily injure people or damage sensitive surfaces, such as wood siding.

Operating a pressure washer service requires knowing the right techniques in applying the water, as well as knowing what surfaces are appropriate for pressure washing, versus those that are not.  Don’t trust your next pressure cleaning job to just anybody.  Call House Calls Maintenance and request a proven professional that knows how to protect you and your property.