Drywall repair

Whether you have water damaged drywall, need drywall ceiling repair, or just need some cracks repaired, House Calls Maintenance has the expertise and skill to handle all of your drywall repair problems.  Our professional drywall contractors can install, replace, repair and re-texture for any drywall repair project.

If you have water damaged drywall caused by a plumbing emergency, call us right away.  We have the professional experience to take care of your drywall repair AND your plumbing emergency with one convenient call.

Sources of drywall problems

Did you know that most home-buyers and house guests judge the quality of a home or condo purely on the condition of the drywall?  It’s easy to understand why: out of all of the various parts that comprise a home, the drywall is the most visible and easiest to judge.

With this said, there are many factors that cause drywall cracks and problems, such as high humidity, constant temperature changes, temperature extremes, framing errors, natural expansion and contraction as a result of heating and cooling, and just plain poor installation.

Our drywall contractors utilize proven methods and solutions for handling these problems, such as controlling atmospheric conditions prior to installation, repairing framing errors (thus eliminating the underlying cause), implementing safeguards against natural conditions, and implementing industry standards for drywall installation and repair.   

No matter what the complication involved in repairing your drywall, you will have peace of mind in knowing that House Calls can handle the situation.  Call us today.